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United Kingdom

Internet country code: .uk

Internet hosts: 8.269 million (2008)
country comparison to the world: 11

Internet users: 40.2 million (2007)
country comparison to the world: 8

Telephones - main lines in use: 33.682 million (2007)
Country comparison to the world: 10

Telephones - mobile cellular: 71.992 million (2007)
country comparison to the world: 12

Telephone system:

general assessment: technologically advanced domestic and international system

domestic: equal mix of buried cables, microwave radio relay, and fiber-optic systems

international: country code - 44; numerous submarine cables provide links throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and US; satellite earth stations - 10 Intelsat (7 Atlantic Ocean and 3 Indian Ocean), 1 Inmarsat (Atlantic Ocean region), and 1 Eutelsat; at least 8 large international switching centers

Radio broadcast stations: AM 206, FM 696, shortwave 3 (2008)

Television broadcast stations: 940 (2008)

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